Trophy Cabinet | Pool Room


Radio New Zealand Interview, September 2017 | “Why we need an international agreement on plastic pollution” (Discussing PNAS opinion piece)

Radio New Zealand Interview, September 2017 | “Is it time to replace the kiwi with another iconic bird?

Radio New Zealand Interview, June 2016 | Fascinating facts about seabirds


Trustee (Student Representative) | Northern New Zealand Seabirds Trust

The Northern New Zealand Seabird Trust aims to see multi-disciplinary and /or multi-agency seabird research and conservation projects are adequately funded and resourced. As an independent research-based organisation it also aims to be a catalyst and focal point for initiatives relating to seabirds through promotion, research and conservation. The Trust will support long-term research projects to monitor trends in seabird and ecosystem health. Significant action has already commenced on seabird and island restoration projects in northern New Zealand. However, sound research across the ecological spectrum is required to inform community groups and conservation managers, and to ensure that the success of these and future projects is maximised. Read More

Scientific adviser | Packaging Workgroup (plastic bags) – Auckland Council

The working group has been established which will work on solutions to the environmental issues related to plastic bags in Auckland, New Zealand. The group is comprised of representatives from the manufacturers from packaging industry, retailers, community members, scientists and council representatives.

Marine mammal surveyor | University of Auckland

Seabird observer for monthly aerial marine mammal surveys in the Hauraki Gulf, New Zealand.


2014 – 2017 | The Vice Chancellor’s Doctoral Scholarship | Auckland University of Technology | New Zealand

2016 | Research Grant | Waikato Regional Council

2015 | JS Watson Scholarship | Forest & Bird New Zealand

2015 | David Medway Memorial Scholarship | Ornithological Society of New Zealand

2015 | Travel Award for the second World Seabird Conference | South Africa

2013 | The Todd Foundation Award For Excellence 2013 | New Zealand

2012 | The Jennifer Playfair Memorial Scholarship | Auckland University of Technology | New Zealand

2012 | AUT University | The Fletcher Trust Award | Most outstanding Bachelor of Science Graduate

2012 | AUT University | The Fletcher Trust Award | Best research project

2012 | Institute for Applied Ecology Award | Most outstanding BSc graduate in Environmental Science


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